Thank you for your interest in using Kepro Atrezzo. To access Kepro Atrezzo, our Web based authorization system, please contact our provider relations staff at (866)521-0027, Option 1 or email

ICD-10 codes are required for authorizations and claims payment.  

For your convenience, the following websites are available for your reference when requesting authorizations:

Kepro Atrezzo – Batch Upload

Kepro has introduced a new method of submitting authorization requests - Batch Upload. Providers utilizing the Batch Upload system will be able to pull data from their existing electronic client records and send that data through an approved file exchange to Kepro in a daily batch. This method will reduce provider data entry into multiple systems. Providers interested in learning more about the Batch Upload program and the requirements for utilizing it may contact Kepro Provider Relations at 866.521.0027, Option 1, or via email at

Kepro Atrezzo Platform


Kepro Atrezzo Portal Guide


Kepro Provider Manual