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Children’s Residential Care Facility (CRCF) Services

Children's Residential Care Facility (CRCF) Services

Section 97 -Children's Residential Care Facilities Services

A children's residential care facility is any private or public agency or facility that is maintained and operated for the provision of treatment and care for one or more children on a regular basis. Children's RCF services are designed to provide comprehensive, trauma-informed, child-centered, and family-focused behavioral health treatment to children and adolescents. 

CRCF services are provided in a supervised therapeutic milieu in which skills and principles learned in clinical treatment may be reinforced and practiced with the goal of safely transitioning the member back into the community within a family setting. RCF services are short-term and intensive in nature using a trauma-informed and culturally responsive treatment model, while also actively engaging the member's family or caregiver in treatment. Services must be provided in the least restrictive setting, with the goal of placement as close to the child's home as possible which required families and/or caregivers to remain actively involved in the child's treatment. CRCF are also subject to rules in the MBM, Chapter III, Section 97, and Appendix D. 

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