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Examples of the current Atrezzo Questionnaires

Atrezzo Next Generation

Thank you for your interest in using Kepro Atrezzo. To access Kepro Atrezzo, our Web based authorization system, please contact our provider relations staff at (866)521-0027, Option 3 or email ProviderRelationsME@Kepro.com.


As part of the utilization review process, Kepro has developed service specific questionnaires to capture the required clinical information in order to establish eligibility and medical necessity criteria according to the MaineCare Benefits Manual. These questionnaires are updated from time to time, however, the most up-to-date version can be found within the Atrezzo platform.


For questions about the Atrezzo Questionnaires, please contact Kepro Provider Relations at 866.521.0027, Option 1, or via email at ProviderRelationsME@Kepro.com.