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Behavioral Health Services

Child Behavioral Health Services

Section 65 - Behavioral Health Services

Psychiatric Hospital is a hospital that is primarily engaged in providing psychiatric services for the diagnosis, treatment and care of persons with mental illness. A psychiatric hospital must be licensed as a psychiatric hospital by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

Crisis Residential Services

Crisis Residential Services are individualized therapeutic interventions provided to a member during a psychiatric emergency to address mental health and/or co-occurring mental health and substance abuse conditions for a time-limited post-crisis period, in order to stabilize the member’s condition.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient Services are professional assessment, counseling and therapeutic medically necessary services provided to members, to improve functioning, address symptoms, relieve excess stress and promote positive orientation and growth that facilitate increased integrated and independent levels of functioning. Services may be provided in individual, family, and/or group format.

Psychological Services

Psychological Services are services provided to a member in agreement with a plan of care by an individual in private practice who meets the licensure requirement for the diagnosis and treatment of mental, psychoneurotic, or personality disorders.

Family Psycho Educational Treatment

Family Psycho Educational Treatment is a service provided to members in multi-family groups and single-family sessions. Clinical components include engagement sessions, psycho educational workshops and ongoing supportive sessions centered on solving problems that interfere with treatment and rehabilitation.

Children’s Assertive Community Treatment Services

Children’s Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) service is a 24 hour, 7 days a week intensive service intended to facilitate discharge from inpatient psychiatric hospitalization or to avoid impending admission to a psychiatric hospital. It may also be used to facilitate discharge from a psychiatric residential facility, or prevent the need for admission to a crisis stabilization unit.

Medication Management Services

Medication Management Services are services that are directly related to the prescription, dispensing and/or monitoring of medications intended for the treatment and management of mental illness.

Children’s Behavioral Health Day Treatment

Behavioral Health Day Treatment Services are structured therapeutic services designed to improve a member’s functioning in daily living and community living. Programs may include a mixture of individual, group, and activities therapy, and also include therapeutic treatment oriented toward developing a child’s emotional and physical capability in area of interpersonal functioning. This may include behavioral strategies and interventions. Services will be provided as prescribed in the Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP).